Karen Klein fails to do job, gets rich. Sgt. 1st Class Taylor does job, gets screwed. We are truly a nation of idiots …

Karen Klein is rich and we’re idiots.

This is going to be a two-part update. Not two part as in I post one now and the other whenever I feel like it but rather a two part in that the first portion will be about me wondering what the fuck is wrong with America and the second part will be about me wondering what the fuck is wrong with America.

Look it’s about two different people okay.

Karen Klein, chances are by now you’ve seen the video and read about America’s outpouring of support for the grandmother who was viciously verbally assaulted by, wait for it, 12-year-olds. Some reports now put donations at over half a million dollars because ‘grandma’ didn’t do her fucking job.

That’s right, it was her job to control the 30 or so 12-year-olds. She failed and you all collectively said, “OH MY GOD THAT’S SO SAD!” and then gave her $20 a piece. You’re pathetic (assuming you gave her a dime that is) and she’s pathetic.

Look, I don’t have kids so if you want to close the browser and yell out “well he just doesn’t know’ now that’s fine. That aside I can easily think of three VERY simple things that would’ve resolved the situation quickly.

1: Kids listen up, ONE more word and this bus goes back to the school where I’ll have the principal call each and every one of your parents.

2: Hold up your own phone (don’t have one Grams? That was kind of dumb) and announce “this is all being recorded, unless this behavior stops right now I’m turning it over to (insert authority figure here).

3: Sucker punch the next 12-year-old that opens his or her mouth. Yeah, yeah that’s bad but I’d have contributed to her defense fund then because that would have been HYSTERICAL!

What fun and ham fisted that was but the point is 12-year-olds are idiots, they are. Have you listened to Justin Bieber, resolved, 12-year-olds are fucking retarded. If you can’t outsmart one of them (even after having raised your own hoard) then what the fuck are you doing on that bus?

You baby boomers make me sick. Would your parents have put up with that shit? Hell no they were the greatest generation, more concerned with killing Nazis and cranking the bombing making technology up to 11.

We collectively make me sick, instead of asking ourselves how a grown woman let that happen (they’re fucking 12 remember) we opened our hearts and wallets cause ‘those kids were mean.” There are also reports of the kids and their parents being harassed, fight bullying with bullying I guess.

And what does Karen plan to do with her half a million (besides take ‘the vacation of a lifetime’ for fuck’s sake)? She plans to keep doing the job she absolutely sucks at.

Sgt. 1st Class Taylor is poor, we’re still idiots.

Now I’d like to turn your attention to Sgt. 1st Class Walter Taylor, who had to make a life or death decision in literal seconds. While on patrol in Afghanistan, after his unit (a unit that was designed to find IEDs) encountered the worst road-side bomb of their tour, came under small-arms fire. During the ensuing fire fight a black sedan drove into the battle, something that is unheard of for a civilian vehicle. Couple that with the fact that his unit has just been briefed about the possibilities of suicide vehicle borne bombs and what happen next barely registers on my radar above the level of “unfortunate but understandable”.

After the gunfight, while following a wire used to detonate the bomb (a wire which seemed to lead up to the black sedan) Taylor came within 10 meters of the vehicle when a figure leapt from the rear passenger door and moved toward the trunk of the vehicle. Taylor did what you or I or anyone else would do in that situation, he fired his weapon but subsequently discovered he’d killed an innocent person.

So of course Taylor faces charges of negligent homicide and dereliction of duty under the uniform code of military justice because … well I don’t know the because here, I just know it’s the reality.

I’ve sat though a lot of court marshals probably 20 or so. Ninety-nine percent of the time the accused on the stand is guilty as sin. This, in my opinion, wasn’t one of them. His stellar career, really it is a stellar career, aside what did the Army want this platoon sergeant to do, die to prove a point? Had he had the time to logically think it through, say space aliens paused everyone but him, the choice was kill the civilian or let myself and my platoon members (there were three others with him) die.

When a platoon deploys to a war zone, and I know this as fact, they become family. More than family in some ways, the bond runs deeper than family, family isn’t facing death every day, every minute, every second. His platoon was in, what few would argue, the worst stretch of road in Afghanistan with orders to find all the road-side bombs and Oh, by the way, we now believe there are now suicide vehicle bombs as well so umm, good luck out there.

I’ll take she’s dies for $1,000 Alex and I’ll need that money because a civilian attorney is expensive.

Here’s the point, he hired a civilian lawyer rather than run the risk of being assigned a military one that passed the bar last night and has argued two cases. Not a dumb move by anyone’s standard.

So here’s where I ask you all to do, go to this site and donate $20, or $50 or even $100, whatever you can do. I did it, you’ll notice they’re woefully short of their humble $35,000 goal (having raised a whopping $1,180 as of this blog post) yet Karen, dear Karen gets the vacation of her dreams and half a million.

Did I mention that just a few short weeks later Taylor was hit in the face by RPG shrapnel? He’s, and I’ve met him, disfigured and blind in one eye. Yeah he’s got that going for him too.

Finally, look I love it when you all share this blog on FB or retweet it … I absolutely love it. It tickles my ‘narcissistic’ button like nothing else can. But this time I’m asking, begging, cut the part about Karen if you feel the need but repost this. Taylor deserves half a million but needs $35,000.

10 responses to “Karen Klein fails to do job, gets rich. Sgt. 1st Class Taylor does job, gets screwed. We are truly a nation of idiots …

  1. I have been thinking many of these thoughts for days at first I thought Karen was on a public bus as she was doing nothing to “monitor” the the children on the bus and what the hell is the bus driver doing? I donated to Sgt Taylors defense fund a few days ago. I have also shared his story everywhere I could. This very nightmare could happen to any military family at any moment. I have raised 2 children and know for a fact that they would never act this way to anyone when they were this age or ever. God Bless America….

  2. travis hodsdon

    sfc tayor was my platoon sgt in iraq..he is a good man and he deserves to be taken care of.. for gods sakes hes a wounded veteran.. i got your back SFC taylor… DAGGERS FORWARD

    SPC Travis Hodsdon

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  4. Puts things in a cool way of thinking….idk how any charges were even brought up on the SFC. He was doing his job and from stories Ive heard about how it is over there theres no way to separate citizen from enemy and the motto I live by..”Id rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6″ I hope people see this man as the hero he was and not as a murderer! As an ROTC cadet we here these kind of things from our cadre who have served and I know from their accounts that the Sgt didn’t do anything any of us wouldn’t have done. Stay tough SFC Taylor, HOOAH

  5. KARENKLEINTURTH [dot] COM – Must see video of Karen talking about how she wanted to “punch” the kids and that she wanted to “hurt them”.

  6. Do pilots get charged when a bomb hits civilians? Do drone operators get prosecuted? No? So some intel weeny in an air conditioned office gets a pass when they are wrong after hours/days/weeks of deciding what target to hit but we are persecuting a platoon sgt for a split second decision while in the thick of it.

    In the civilian world, there is a concept in court. You cannot Monday Morning Quarterback. Hindsight does not apply in court. The cop who shoots a kid with a toy gun in a dark house is judged based on what he knew/felt/thought right then and there. He is judged based on what a reasonable person with the same training would have done in the same situation. He is NOT judged based on what we know now, hours/days/weeks later sitting in the calm cool office pondering on what happened.

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  8. Howard Reston

    We all know that the only reason for the assholes who nowadays run the military, and don’t give a damn about the troops, only their own asskissing careers, are persecuting a good man. It is because they want the muslim-in-chief to give them a pat on their heads and to make the terrorists all smile at them. Sacrifice a few troops? Sure. Put some Marines in jail for doing their job? Sure. Court martial SEALS for slapping around murderers? Of course. Supply the muslims bastards in Gitmo with everything except a personal buttboy and a box of condoms? Certainly, and while you’re at it, see if Barney Fwank can remedy that lack of buttboys. Supreme Court strikes down Stolen Valor and says dressing up in unearned uniforms, medals and campaign ribbons is OK? Sure, WTF.
    I say, support the troops, f@ck the brass and send the commie bastards in DC and the Pentagon over there with nothing but a rifle, boots and a canteen and tell them to get on with it. I remember back in the 60s how only the REMFs and brass who sat at a desk with a thumb up their asses, made up all the ROE and if you were in Nam then, well, tough shit, Charlie, you don’t get a vote on the rules of engagement; your ‘betters’ back in DC will tell you what is best for you. Tired of it all. Screw them all. Support our men and women and to Hell with the brass scumbags and their commie muslim CIC.

  9. Shared! Great article. Good observation about the disparity of understanding between the civilian and veteran worlds.

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