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Rodney King’s autopsy shows we’re all idiots again, of COURSE he died with drugs in his system

The medical report’s in.  Turns out Rodney King died in his pool with a shit-ton of drugs and booze in his body and we as American’s suck, I’m not even going to add insult to injury with a phrase like ‘we American’s suck balls,’ it just sucks.

Why did we make fun of him, of his response to the situation into which he was thrust?  I know I did it too.  “Can’t we all just get along?”

Can’t we?

Fuck, really can’t we?

The simple answer is, “We can’t.”

We’re collectively too behind much of the modern world to look past the color of a person’s skin to do such.

Rodney saw it and said it.

Screenshot of footage of King beaten by LAPD o...

Holy crap sir, there is a bee on you! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Look the guy got his ass beat by the police, whether that was a ‘just’ ass-beating or an ‘unjust’ ass-beating does not matter, it’s what happened next that matters.

Riots broke out, across the country.  Riots about racial inequality, riots about police brutality and riots that we are still largely a nation of bigots broke out.

A repressed underclass took to the streets to voice their displeasure with ‘American Justice’ and what did the man that was the spark that set the riot to flame do, he asked us to get along.

He said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

And we mocked him for it.

No Mr. King.  We’re too busy saying your skin color is too black for my liking and yours is too brown for my liking and fuck all … we can’t do what you ask, we can mock it to no end but we can’t do the very simple thing you ask.

We can’t just get along.

I just deleted a few paragraphs because they were an attack on the political right, it may or may not have been a valid attack on the right, we’ll never know because I deleted them.  Anyone with any political brain at all can Google “voter registration” and form, what I feel, is a logical opinion.   It’s not a problem that needs fixing, it’s a problem the right needs to solve to serve their agenda.

It’s more the political left that left me pissed off, yeah you see what I did there.   We’re all tired of that meme, I’ll drop it post haste.

Where were you?   Why did his “can’t we all just get along” become mockery and not an anthem?   I was too politically naive at the time to give a shit but really shouldn’t the answer have been, “no really can’t we?”

Homosexual men, lesbians, immigrants, union members, government workers, middle class voters … all of you, myself included, I call to you, why isn’t “can’t we all just get along” equal to “all men are created equal”?

Delete the word men feminists reading this and use the term it’s meant to represent, human, why didn’t we all rally around that phrase, why was it mocked?

Rodney King never asked to be thrust into the spotlight but when he was he took the high road and said, boiled down, we’re all humans … We mocked him for that simple point.

We should be ashamed and I pray the history books are kinder to him than our collective idiocy was.   He was in the face of overwhelming  pressure, calmer than most of would have been.

“Can’t we all just get along?”

No Rodney, we can’t, there’s still a lot of work to do.  Rest in peace though, you took the high road when we fucked it up, yet again.